Monday, May 23, 2011

Asda adds new flavours to its takeaway pizza range

May 17, 2011 by Ian  
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Supermarket Asda has added five new flavours to its takeaway pizza range taking inspiration from cuisine from across the world including a Mexican inspired pizza, an Indian style pizza and also a pizza offering a taste of America.

The new pizzas make up part of the supermarket’s Chosen by You range. All items sold under this range must meet with high standards of quality and taste, and are also subject to taste testing by a panel of customers.

A team from Asda visited New York to sample the different types and styles of takeaway available in the city. The team whittled down their shortlist to five pizzas including the Big Smokey pizza, a chicken fajita pizza, the Americano pizza, chicken tikka pizza and a three chilli and chorizo pizza so you’ll find a mouth watering array of pizza flavours to excite your taste buds when you visit Asda next.

Four out of the five new flavour pizzas also come with their own drizzles allowing the customers the chance to customise their pizza to their own taste. For example, the chicken fajita pizza comes with a tangy tomato drizzle and the chicken tikka Indian style pizza has a sweet mango chutney drizzle.

The new range of Chosen by You pizzas is available in Asda stores nationwide right now.

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