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There is a remarkable tendency to encapsulation and latency. The deposi-
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morbid conditions with which it may be associated, must influence, more or
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germs before they have a chance to do harm. Therefore, healthy
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extending from the drum-cavity outward and downward through the floor of
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Per cent, of the whole number l)etween seven and fif-
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part of it is rapidly rendered solid or useless by an access of pneu-
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receives from the direct ciliary filaments of the nasal nerve. The iris and
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for breaking up the habit ot the disease. For the firs
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of mncus poured out after the ether. It was, strictly speaking, a
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tte unenviable reputation of being a quarrelsome one.
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cause, and the influence of occlusion of the coronary arteries has
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two years of age, and in business for himself. The court
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the vaginal secretion proves nothing unless a definite
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tive results he has obtained from the use of calcium lactate in
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rate has been an accepted proof of this for many years. It is less well
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that the capital and surplus of MOMEDICO, calculated as previously
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family by his exertions. And he went on for some years without the disease
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conditions and commend it to more general use. The failures and
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more in accordance with the demands of science as well as prac-
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Number of normal teachers employed, undergraduates in
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easily find for what they were made, and afterward if the case was cured.
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statement of the same in its annual report to the House of
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be more pufled out than the one on the unaffected side ; the
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so as to " touch the gums." I accordingly put my patient on Plummer's
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of it than to note passively thoughts already elaborated
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and dullness is accompanied by an almost entire annihilation of
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and is justified by the gravity of the symptoms from which
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the proximate cause of the morbid state, medicines promote the cure of acute disease, br
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to six or seven days in the absence of local trouble, it is designated febricula.
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may be evolved from an intelligent and careful con-
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September 28, 1904, at i rjo f. m., Drs. T. M. Chcrr>' and H. M,
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to be done is to place the animal loosely in slings ; this ought
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&c. Parts II. and III. London : Churchill, 1854. 8vo. Cam. to Hyd.
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» of many hundreds of nurses, dressers, cooks, stewards and other at-
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look back in review of the conditions in camps where hemolytic
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of sensibility for some time in the head after decollation. JI.
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more than two hundred American medical journals. We wish