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by them does not seem in the severe cases to influence the progress

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just as we deny the claim of the bacillus coli communis to pose as a pseudo-

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responds to stimulation. In prolonged fevers, particularly typhoid, it is

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with food to which this water was added lead to any different result.

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Recovery after tracheotomy is sometimes imperfect, that is to say,

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be an underlying identity, that the pneumonic fever may be in truth

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fied form of Brehmer's system could easily be brought into vogue by a

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nervous headache, not dependent on other causes. Mr. R. justly urges

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a glutinous vehicle, it adhered to the mucous membrane of the fauces

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the world." Oh, it was because he has the largest brain in the world ;

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the superficial blood-vessels, which sets up a corresponding dilatation of

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pil natural in form and size. Apply leeches more freely, and take four

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have contracted diphtheria from the human subject. Dr. Bruce Low, in

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forms of medicated baths only a few can be mentioned here. Brine-

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easily assimilated nourishment at frequent intervals, say every second or

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bourhood of the primary tumour, or in parts far distant ; and, as a

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tion in several cases, apparently with considerable advantage. Mr. Cor-

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of these drugs, the introduction of a long tube may give passage to

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is often difficult. In these cases strabismus, inequality of pupils,

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the injury has been of a mechanical nature. Here, again, according to

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season. All muscles may be educated to any strain within reason, but

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social conditions. The localities where it is now known to occur, or to

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Synonyms. — Cerebro-spinal fever. Malignant purpuric fever.

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enable them to adjust themselves satisfactorily to the new circum-

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are still very badly furnished with douches, and other means of hydro-

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are not, as Crasbaw has very fairly termed some of those *' farragos "

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would recover who was admitted at the early stages of the affection,

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Miincheu, 1877. — 6. Sternberg. Manual of Bacteriology. New York, 1892. — 7.

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Neurasthenia in its various forms may supervene — cerebro-spinal,

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is no crisis, but a gradual defervescence ; the alvine evacuations become

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endings alone, the methyl compound depresses the spinal cord. It is

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calculably more probable that such leucocytes are engaged in a process

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and painful, attended with an obscure feeling of fluctuation. An incision

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(watery at first, afterwards more purulent) occur from the nostrils or

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Syiston-tms. — Ulcerative Endocarditis, Malignant Endocarditis, Arte-