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quently gynaecologists have sent to them, eitlier for an 0|)inion
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of a malady is usually suspected from the 'well known
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various parts. Finally parasites, especially the larval strongyli
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the sequence of the disease. The catarrhal stage lasts about one week or ten
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in the llni»ls have been caIU?'l pfffrnl. Fevers of unu*-ually h-n^T dnritH»ri
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with lightning-like rapidity, and are beyond the control of the will.
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Some Principles Underlying Surgery of the Kidney — T. M. West, M. D 61
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chronic cystitis in the female by an incision through the vesico-vaginal
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There are several commercial products which perform the range-finding function as well
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Solid extract India rhubarb. Dose, two to ten grains.
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know it is of very much importance to the gentleman whose
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them in a box with hot bricks in the bottom, until they are all farrowed and dried
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We should mention here the influence of sexual excess
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on the pressor effect of minute quantities of epinephrine 173
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red and irritable. A few doses of alkalies and bromide put a stop to
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The kidneys, like the liver, exhibit parenchymatous degeneration. They
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of age, both gave a clean cut family history of hemophilia and had suffered from
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while the surface may be blistered with corrosive sub-
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Value of Nitroglycerine as a Preventa- Wassermann Reaction — Its Clinical
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When a tumor-like resistance can be felt in the epigastrium behind
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regulation had recently been made with regard to the promo-
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In the case just mentioned, persistent vomiting for a time continued after the
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against the method, except that the results reported carry
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Garrod, on the other hand, apparently inclines to the belief tiiat the
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location, and extent of the wound inflicted, within the limits for opera-
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regulation of the patient's diet. It has long been proved that the abstentim)
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There is a condition of the heart, anatomic and con-
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third with the lungs removed, but the pericardium left in position,
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density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglycerides, and cause a
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which Dr. Sims founded his paper was not in all respects true
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