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repetition of it will cause some structural change in the part
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mentally. In still more severe cases profound unconsciousness may
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rally, and at one part it contained a calcareous mass, presumably
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Health Bacteriological Laboratory. Second edition (twice as
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and pelvic organs as well as aneurisms and tumors of the
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convulsions, haemorrhage, or other rare contingencies take place,
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cartilage as possible, to avoid excessive hosmorrhage and subsequent acci-
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disease is often cured by active medication; but the
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will be maximal at the beginning of diastole and at its end (during the auricular con-
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tee on Medical Examination and Medical Education is Dr. Fritz
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and didactic lectures. Course is limited to twenty physicians. For information con-
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or the mastoid region; it is always symmetrical and the evolution of
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the nerves of the extremities, and had finally extended to the spinal
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um is a familiar example ; ipecac, is another — in small doses being tonic,
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cause of fever, of course, is possibly due to secondary infec-
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of food from previous days. This may be hard to differentiate. The
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there are, nevertheless, cases in which it is followed by death. The relative
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may cause symptoms. A too strict antidiabetic diet and tlio injudicious
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in his profession alike as thinker, writer, and worker.
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criterion whereby to predetermine the cases in which relief may be ex-
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suppose. My experience has led me to adopt a i)lan of dietetic treatment
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Part-time practice: Physician, regardless of age, who