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conservative opinions. An old Whig of the Clay and Webster school,
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instance, the fundus is somewhat enlarged or the lateral ligaments short
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may be so limited as to make him appear imbecile. Hence
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fluid cell count was increased and many red blood cells were present,
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Symptoms. — The clinical manifestations arc those of pulmonary
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go hand-in-hand with tlie study of the functions of the
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provide just that. But we also directly benefit from such
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A Case of Morbid Fear. — J. W. Courtney speaks of the
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this stock should appear feebleminded to the average
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come a leper ? Or, again, the equally well attested fact that
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After considerable discussion on the subject of de-
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toms of poisoning (such as great weak- ,was elected : Consulting Surgeons, Drs. John
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While I have not the statistics of appendicitis clearly in my mind,
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The Chapter voted to collaborate with the University
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done, except in syphilitic cases. In middle-ear disease reme-
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passive movement after the operation, the joint again
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Chap. IX. Procidentia vaginas. — Chap. X. Inversio uteri.
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The pigmentation of the skin probably develops later than the general
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Apathy, and his drawings are but a faithful represen-
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is slightly modified by some treatment she has had, hence the lesions
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is called ocular counterrolling. 39 " 41 To complicate matters,
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so that all the muscles supplied by it are paralyzed; there
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(M t* O lO 00 rH iO 05 Oi t* (M CO Ob -^ -^ »0 OS iO "^
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Immediate relief was obtained^ and eight days after the operation the dis-
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present in this case a fracture of the wall of one of the
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tive determination of the normal urinary pigment (urochrome) see p. 612.
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medical or surgical patient's hospitalization, and, in some cases, an