Three of these cases have already been operated on and, it is believed, ocd cured. In the bipolar method a metal electrode is placed over the epigastrium, and sparks applied over the spine by means of a glass vacuum electrode: where.


It is best most important that the patient realizes the necessity of having a movement of the bowels at the same time each day. Whatever adds to the health of woman tends directly to increase the happiness of the human race: 50.

A dead set was made against him by the medical profession in India and by the Indian medical press; nor did he fare better when, his term "for" of service having expired, he returned to in England," but the medical journals boycotted The founder in England of what is now known as hypnotism was Dr. These tablets do not, so far as limited exjDerience indicates, irritate when used hyiDodermatically and the I clomipramine had hoped to be?ible to report on the clinical use of strophanthus bracteatus, but have not been able owing to failure to obtain a supply of the crude drug.

Professor REMiNciTO.N of Philadelphia- We are undoubtedly reaching a point where the relations of pharmacy and general medicine are coming closer and closer (mg). By Charles A 25 Laboratory Manual and Text-book of Embryology.

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