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successful case where the crystalline lens was pressed

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tric reflex is lively, as is the left abdominal. The right abdominal

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become stretched from the pressure of the teeth against them ;

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"The liver is also enlarged ; it is on the left side.

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that this local tuberculisation is no tuberculisation at all, that it

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was ordered f^ss of solution of morphia, and a wineglassful of milk

anafranil 75 mg para que sirve

I have said enough to indicate and to explain the profound

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perforated and sloughing was removed, and gauze drainage inserted. The patient

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upon during each pain. This arrangement will save the assist-

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and the muscles of the shoulder and upper arm are well de-

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citis we are dealing with a natural, and perhaps it will

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same- age as modern medicine, as anaesthesia in America,

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tue for us all to shoot at. His successful achievement in this speaks only too clearly of the gentleness in his character and

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Lesions of the Ear." The author advocated the physiologic tests of

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and left lung after typhoid fever.] Boluitsch. gaz. Bot-

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history was unknown, symmetrical tracts of degeneration occupying almost

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the left side, to the left of the ovary, and a silk ligature was passed

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capsules by Mudy. In the majority of cases this form of treatment

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patient's wife we delayed operating for a few days ; also desired to improve the

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that by reason of their medical knowledge, their intelligence, and knowing

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Pathology The relationship between the predominant early symp-

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are used for irrigation and sublimated wood wool for

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time passes, the distal trunk exhibits two types of

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shovel or piece of sheet iron. When enough has been used ex-

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paralysis, and since there may be pains and sensory defects, and since

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was remarkably high, and the hair, thrown back from her tem-

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The doctor assisting has already put another bandage