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then once a week for a month, then once every two weeks for another month.

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The equation contains the Boltzmann expression, where

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months to 70 years, without a single cause for alarm, vomiting even being ex-

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The above treatment, if perseveringly applied, will

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Anderson, Toronto; J. R. Anderson, Ailsa Craig; G. Barclay,

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As regards the influence of silver salts on the blood, he states : —

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the cliniques of the Broadway School ! ! Why, Dalley and his Pain Ex-

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possible that two species of staphylococci are growing side by side,

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Great Lakes, the rivers, and Atlantic and Gulf coasts was

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CURETTAGE A FAD.— Dr. C. A. Von Hoffman at the recent meeting of the

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stages of bone infection, due to congestion and exudation from

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It may attack several animals at the same establishment, and

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more attention to the tongue than any of his predecessors,

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The climate of most portions of the United States is so vari-

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one-fifth c.c. of the serum of animal No. 423 (previously inoculated

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strative during confinement, and the effect on was

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result. Hearing has returned and the nasal catarrh has quite