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this disease, which have resisted his best directed efforts for months, and

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injections would be universally admitted. Dr. Besnier thinks that

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Successful Extirpation of the Spleen. (Union Med., Nos. 41 and

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much more strongly in reference to his well-known experiment of

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reason was a very foolish one— to prevent pneumonia as

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ticemia or blood-poisoning; (4) sometimes abscess or

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I purposed to make an inquiry into snch cases as I could find, in which organic

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liability to phthisis in England is found among those who suffer the least

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sence of kidney-disease. "VVe see a person exposed to cold, and

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symptoms caused by its apparent abnormal position ? By ma^y

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frital, and were at the time inhabite^d by soldiers' wives and their

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Means must then be immediately adopted to prevent its return by plugging the

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therefore, M. Stuart believes he has been able to demonstrate that

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man who begins to grow stout is inclined to enjoy his

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The regular Lectures will commence on Ihe first Monday of November.

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mittent neuralgia, which was cured by a resort to the same method.

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pretty well preclude the use of the ophthalmoscope in ordinary

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Tobacco and the Heart. — ^No person imder the age of

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short time, and is, as Dr. Hudson observes to be the case in typhoid pneumonia,

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doses, these quantities won\d probably kill." Tiiis is actually all that is meant,

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Medical Gazette for May last, an interesting case illustrative of the physiology

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In October 1838, Devergie published a note, to the effect that having

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48. Betedion of Arsenic. — Dr. Figuier recommends that the following plan be

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saw him. He breathed quick, and the skin had a red hue as if from

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but the question is, whether the boiling of animal matters in them, in the

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The peritoneum was then raised from the iliac fossa by the fingers, the external

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although, indeed, the attention given to the symptomatology

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the third kind contained iodine, but the acids of all contained it.

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rience. He admits that the alcoholic treatment has been frequently

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Clubs can have five copies sent to any address on remit-

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If the cauterization be performed on the second day of the eruption, or, at

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The doctor's judgment is more reliable than the health

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I. On the Treatment of Intermitting Fever. By Austin Flint, M. D., of

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Muscular Atrophy*^ may be cited. For Trousseau, at the date

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or more, if possible, in order to produce a thorough effect.

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