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the sub-crepitant rale, when heard in the apex of a lung,

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qualities, yet much may be done by a careful and judicious

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than four times in each week, during two Winter Sessions.

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ated case of primary tuberculosis of the fundus is one which

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Associate Editors ; assisted by over two hundred Corresponding

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the heart, which are better knoAvn and more familiar to our

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refers to the rarity of malignant tumours originating in the pelvic

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belief. He carefully cautions us to support the patient's strength under a serous

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dition of displacement quite unaltered by the pessaries^

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of tlie medulla oblongata and its membranes has been observed* Such

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James C. White, of this city. Dr. White has been heretofore a con-

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The occurrence of gastritis and intestinal disease lengthens the duration

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On the seventh day moderate ptyalism set in, and was fol-

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arteries of the face and the branches of the facial nerve which run

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of an arduous medical practice, was Dr Cran of Tarland. A

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Gynak., Leip2s., 1887, xi, 77+.— Marckwald (M.) Ueber

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of the means by which the nurses employed in the Char-

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from want of susceptibility, and exclusive of inertness of tlie lymph or crust

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product of putrefaction. Indeed, in every region of the

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that his book is too strictly a record of what is done at Moor-

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preparations arranged for the inspection of the public, and an-