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to the opening into the vagina and it is sometimes a point for the
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exercise consists in examination on the various branches of medi-
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evening before. It puts the Health Department in an awkward posi-
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cal prophylaxis for impending macular holes, when vi-
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Schlosing has described the simplest method for estimating the amount of am-
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hygienic measure, it will rarely be persisted in. It is often essential, ther9^
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gea, as a distinct disease. It is much inorc frequent, notwithstanding, in
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of the world since Pasteur's infallible cures were inaugurated ; and at the
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prove superior to excision of the tarsus, to Syme's and to Pirogoff's
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the skin, over the entire body, including ulcers, maculae, and all.
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is he to get over the effects of the injury to the brain which caused
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absenc e of^_£haracteristic^ eruptipn. In most cases there is no eruption.
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2. That the fluids of wounds, in whatever state of decomposition and altera-
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given during the day. On the following morning there was a
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highly developed we find canal's, carrying water into all parts of the system.
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to some authors, with whom we do not agree, E. coli is not only
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muscular structure is also supplied with nerves. Soemmering had
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too great, or the sound may be. so altered as to lead to
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the stomach walls may occur in dilatation and may be
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Suffer me, as on former occasions, briefly to recall
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randa for private use. I use repertories in which my own
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operation divests the case of its greatest danger — infection. The early operation
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The state society being representative in character, and limited in
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But the question here arises — what are fomites ? — a
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perly a variety of villous growth. But notwithstanding the number
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paralysis in the area. These reactions must be treated
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healthy and vigorous, where pneumonia is complicated with acute
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The four forms of Continued Fever are now named respectively
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depends. Inoculations with the blood serum of animals which have thus