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merely like the cavities of little abscesses. In this way

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kidneys, the extravasations of blood, and the miliary erup-

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miliary tubercle and varies with the virulence of the infection;

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through an ordeal of severe criticism ; and although it has for some time been

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the last was a suboccipital operation. In our cases the stupor

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ly removed. Amputation was then performed to prevent sup-

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secondary hemorrhage has ceased ; for instance, in amputation, not

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There is still another factor which places more work upon the

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want of some particular kind of exercise, which promotes the

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bonate of soda for the blue packet, and 30 grains of tartaric

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has important bearing on some practical questions of undenial)le

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frequent nocturnal awakenings and/or early morning awakening: in patients with recurring

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United States Army during World War I. Doctor McMurry

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Surgeon to the Out-Door Department of the University and Presbyterian

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except from a man who has been cured. Why? Because even when

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well, add half a pint of milk and boil together for two or three minutes;

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Radiograph of fracture of tibia by brass-jacketed bullet 74

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slight as not to give rise to any prominent symptom (Begbie,

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side is made out. We must remember that sometimes replacement is

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He was married in 1867 to Laura, daughter of Gen. W. W.

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tenth day. A large gall-stone was found in the jejunum. There was no peri-

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and physiological facts, and offering the case referred to as

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tissues pass away through the lymphatic channels; and any solid exudation

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