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from the date of the first injection, although this should not have been

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women patients of the clinic was only 1 per cent. The author thinks it pos-

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gland is found to be either studded with follicles or

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erysipelas, septichaemia, gonorrhoea, puerperal fever,

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Hall, William E., Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.

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an increased inmiunity, so that he was better able to

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ing the greater part of the lungs. The phenomenon is useful in determining,

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has pointed out that the early lesions are apt to be

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the bacilli were very few and often motionless or nearly so. Further, typhoid

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K. Kassabian, who died recently from the effects of re-

allopurinol side effects liver

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i)f reform in "getting back to first principles" in medicine

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school, through its secretary, Dr. C. J. Marshall. The

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that I can definitely ascribe to it, the hiccoughing then

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process and as requiring careful examination before

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times an unimportant one. of the links in the chain

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heretofore employed in the treatment of bone-defects after sequestrotomy and

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mass to the side and posterior to it, cramplike pel-

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or no evidence of destruction of tissue or disseminated fibroid de-

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as that of their treatment, is, as might naturally be

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out pain. After some days the members so treated fall

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bird-tuberculosis, a distinct difference in the pathogenic quality of the two

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irregular contraction in the thigh muscles, which may occur in walking,

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the whole, Litten's sign has only relative importance in the diagnosis of

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It is put up in pedes containing 4 grains each, the

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Rubens finds it difficult to explain his case. It is

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was elected president, to succeed Dr. H. A. Dykes, who

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the improvement had been so great that the man refused to stay longer

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This true efifect cannot be expressed by saying that

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an individual may have tertiary symptoms as his first

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time beyond which it was not safe to allow a patient

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Patient came under my observation in September, 1908.

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been absurd enough to warrant the suspicion that it

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was impossible to find the amount of motion. There was absolute dulness

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drained with rubber drainage-tubes through this incision and a counter-

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required standard and would be abandoned, and so per-

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Other cases have been reported, making a total of sixteen up to the present time. Of these,

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until a century later, and within the memory of those who hear these

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Such in bald outlines are two divergent views of inflammation.

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absent reflex. The latter was also confirmed by the ophthalmologist Bern-

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The cause was slight in all ; there was not much pain, and union was

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filled with a solution of commercial lye (one pound

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hibited by local boards of health because of the dan-

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insufficiency coming to Kraus's clinic. He found that

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a certificate after only two years' training, while St.