I therefore placed convex glasses In both of the above cases the glasses reduced the amount of accommodation required to the normal standard; therefore, with the glasses on, if the children increased their accommodation by squinting, the increased lens power added to the glass lens Without the glasses they tould not see distinctly Green has in proposed to treat squint by continued instillations of atropine, thus paralyzing the accommodation.


Patient with persistent sciatica, which was cured by does resection of the posterior nerve roots. Wherefore if, in various parts of France, the custom of milking ewes for the manufacture of cheese be still adhered to, it is because that is found a 28 better source of profit than either the fleece or flesh. He was in good health from this first attack order of diarrhea stools with mucus and blood again persisting up to present. If it involves the articulation of the ospedis in the fore foot, the animal will walk on the heel, similar to chronic laminitis, and the hoof, stimulated by the inflammation, has a tendency to grow in rings (generic). A much bold and fearless operator; but conservative, never operating where other means could attain the end, yet never shrinking from an operation, no matter how hazardous, when other means failed. It affords a wondrous degree of comfort in a large proportion of cases; especially is it useful when the child is stillborn, and it becomes necessary to" dry up" the breasts: control. The and third lob? of the prostate, which stood uj) in front of the internal orifice of the urethra, was slightly bruised by the passage over it of the exhausting tubes; but this injury was trifling in extent and not worthy of consideration as a factor in the fatal reanlt. The patient is now under treatment to this end: online. Treat by cleansing the parte taking well; then use carbolic acid lotion, and keep up the application for some time; tincture of benzoin, and oil of tar, turpentine and linseed oil, etc. During January the weakness had increased to such an extent as to confine her to is bed, and notwithstanding the greatest care a troublesome bed-sore developed over the sacrum.

After being under my treatment for birth two months, Harter, of Niles, affected with the same disease. Scattered "spotting" cases, from these foci, also occurred in the neighboring Southern States, chiefly in the vicinity of these cities. While - if, for instance, you have to deal with traumatic tetanus, the existence of an injury received some time previous would be one of the points in the difi'erential diagnosis. It had become softened on during the operation. In our case we must conclude from the uncomplicated train of symptoms that there are none of these complications present, except perhaps a slight change in the cord, to which 21 we might attribute the failure of the patella reflex; but that later such diseases will occur and complicate the THE TREATMENT OF GASTRO-INTESTINAL CATARRH IN Professor of Diseases of Children, Philadelphia Polyclinic; Assistant Physician Children's Hospital and to the Infirmary for Nervous Diseases, etc.

In the gift for the foundation of the Park Hospital, we recognize a benevolent intention with which this senate is in full sympathy, and which we will use our best endeavors to carry into Board of the Park Hospital Trustees and with the trustees of the university concerning the Park Hospital scheme and report to this senate at an early date as to the best method of carrying out its spirit and intention: Unfortunately, there has been a certain amount of opposition to the scheme during the past two years, which has been very discouraging to its promoters (acne).

The effects subsequent treatment consisted in painting over the entire surface of the conjvmctiva, three times constantly applied to the eye. Bile is not secreted properly, and a slight yellowness of the membrane appears, costiveness, etc (canada). Disregarding the earlier literature in which the authenticity of insurance cultures would naturally be under suspicion, we find that in recent years pneumonia has been produced by means of the pneumococcus in dogs, rabbits and monkeys. Has gained two pounds There is no change of in the physical signs, but over the back and side there is no trace of the dulness observed at the first examination. ( )nc of our cjuiet fellows with a wav about him that just steals a girl's heart right out of her shoes and whose eyes in IW) and in I'Ml entered the I'.altimore Medical College, where he was a physical director: without.

For hospital purposes, reviews the stomach of the pig can be much more readily obtained and prepared, than that of the cow or sheep. Cost - from this time forward, until the union is consummated, this practice should be continued daily, only increasing the flexion each time, as the inflammation and pain may permit. Skull, how negative except for unerupted canine.