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Pills. For a safe and efficient pill see formula under constipation.
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several varieties of this disease as catarrhal, aphthous, parasitic,
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(Edema of the glottis is a serious manifestation which might be classed as a
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According to Pfeiffer, the secretion of uric acid is diminished in acute
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the age, in connection with which the mode of nutrition, rest, and
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doses of fifteen to twenty drops every two hours. A mustard plas-
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The onset may follow upon a period of chronic uraemia, with headache,
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process of an abscess by opening into it, and giving exit to the pent
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The following prescription for children is excellent :
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Naunyn denies justly that there is any intrinsic relation between the
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The small joints of the extremities are the favorite points of attack.
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separate the patient from other children or to disinfect the apart-
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The pulse is quick and feeble — may be irregular. There is increased
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without convulsions. The mind may be clouded and delirium of a low and
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already experienced its crises. Pharyngeal inflammations are usual
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The prognosis is in general favorable; nevertheless we should
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not suggest itself to his attendants : and " at no period of his illness
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humerus, or upper part of the arm. Its action carries the extended
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larity is the i)rominent feature of both the course and the duration
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affords relief. Sometimes hot fomentations are soothing to piles that
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share in the production of the deformities characteristic of the dis-
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The skin is very liberally supplied with nerves' ami for this reason
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a course of alkalies, sodium salicylate, or even colchicum may be
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its compounds (rhubarb, pie-plant, beets, spinach, sorrel, etc.) should
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point i?i a few hours. A person who was well yesterday and who
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subjects are modified by the action of malaria, and require sxjecial
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All diabetic patients react to x^sychic and mental disturbances very
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that is characteristic of active inflammation. Unless renal disease
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subjects it is an admirable ex|)edient ; but for the old and feeble it must
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sativa, and such other remedies as the patient's condition requires,
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verty is 1 reared but little in comparison with some of the
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Young persons often fail to appreciate the value of good health
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complications. Sometimes the etiological factor in weakness and
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amounts of abnormal acids, j9-oxybutyric and aceto-acetic, which are being