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completely empty. Hyperchlorhydria must be differentiated from
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not to be relied upon if the latter can be obtained. The sulphate, bisulphate,
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was a Norwegian farmer, fifty-one years of age, who was
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studied in Japan and the remainder are mainly graduates of the
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reasonable cause for it, at least that cannot be said.
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fainting: II. 5.698, II. 14.439, 15.240, Od. 5.458, 24.349, //. 22.475
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is favored, the ulcers become very large and confluent, so that often
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fatal. The diagnosis of the cause of the obstruction may be difficult.
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that a similar stimulating action is exerted on the
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a great discovery in science, geography, or aught else, has too often
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Another group of cases in adults also in the prime of life presents
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Diagnosis. — Direct. — This rests upon the association of the foregoing
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removal of spurs on the septum, anterior and posterior turbin-
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causes a shrinkage in the size of the organ it envelops, and the
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middle part of the garden, simply by shaking the male plants over
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in the spinal cord, in the "lateral layer bounding the gray
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perate — almost hopeless. Here everything depends upon
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basal ganglia, conveyed to the brain probaDly by way
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and a long-shanked, blunt-pointed tenotomy knife, and the
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no question of the safety of morphine, which should
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*From Annual Report United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service,
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in his agony, he tosses about his arms, the body is kept motionless,