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also attend portions of the surgical program of in-

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treat diseases of the eye as well as other parts of the body. I have noticed

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time after all other symptoms of disease had passed away. Occasionally

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by small circles on the frontal, infra-orbital, and mental nerves.

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and rapid prostration of the physical and vital forces, exhibit-

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beginning a subnutrition ; this form of feeding may, how-

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is diminished. Upon microscopical examination the epitlielial cells of the

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This large volume is full of instructive data, worthy your careful

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of the fascia with the point of my knife. I gradually sink my instrument

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the treatment of obstinate cases of nocturnal inconti-

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ing in the practice of medicine ; and it is very obvious,

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lesion of the same parts, such as a decayed tooth, or an infantile leucorrhcea

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quently before gone through them without danger ; but on this occasion, it ia]

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applied to the nasal cavity tended to prevent the formation of

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ing, abhorrence of heat, extreme thirst and craving for cold drinks,

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all the characters of simple embryonic cells, and the cavities containing

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or textural elements may lead to the appearance of compound

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cardiology at Massachusetts General Hospital, cardio-

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the first place, I would point out that all the cases of fatal chorea which I

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school studies, might very profitably spend more time in gaining better

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Reproduction of thoughts read has an advantage over original

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ear, skin lesions and even lesions of the genitalia.

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with the pleura. The musculo-osseous flap or door was

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forming a large abdominal tumour, at first supposed to

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may be said that, in the dorsal position, it is 60 to 100 or 150 mm. of water (5 to 7.3

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