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proprietors and publishers. David Clai'p &, Son.

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Med. and Surg. Journ., Vol. CXXXIX, page 194) as a result of his

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and unable to ride on horseback, or take other active exercise,

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involved in the spasm, either alone or with other muscles of the neck.

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Louisville: Printed by J. P. Morton & Co., 1892.

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holding up its head. For long after it can sit up in a sort of fashion, its

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five per cent, by these deposits. The pulmonary vein was

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trachea and ojsophagus, the transverse processes of

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as far back as the year 1889, during the Universal Exhibition

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Of the committees called upon in the order of business, thirteen pre-

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Trichina Spiralis (Fig. 224). In the first stages of trichinosis the adult or

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of Marchand and Miura, however, its pathogenicity was by no means