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the present time, of nearly 2500 Members, including

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order to be re-adjusted. Let us hope, however, that

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tubercle, necrosis, etc., the treatment failed once only ;

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into salicylic acid and phenol, and that the former

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A New Sign of Pleuritic Effusion in Children. By Samuel

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Lawson, F.R.C.S. (Eng.). Illustrated. London: Smith, Elder

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Rodman, J. C, acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave of

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Instruments and Apparatus. Mechanical vibrator, 289; cheap trac-

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loin, and each time the patient had recovered under

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tality did not increase, but continued at 22 per 1,000.

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medullary portion of severed posterior nerve roots.

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prevented a satisfactory dilatation of the bladder.

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former ; for it is based on sounder biological and eco-

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tion of the facts, which places the physician in an

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and afforded great relief, the cases would be sent to

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one other case of double uterus, in which the diag-

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terest to note that in certain localities certain species

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