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the death of the girl Delilah Figjins, lately employed by Messrs. Pink,
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THOMAS, A. H., M.B., CM Edin., B.ScEdin., appointed Medical Officer of
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which there is no foundation. It is probable that the existing
acyclovir 800 mg during pregnancy
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'flie Royal College of Surgeons of England was held on April
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Graham, acting honorary secretary of the British and West
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central nervous system. It was natural to refer these
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tals. A man might be suffering from some disease for
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lege, Galway ; J. A. o'Leary, Queen's College, Cork ; M. 'V. U'Reilly,
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for a copy of this Bill, which is designed "To Regulate the
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fuchsin and looked suspicious, but none of these were certain.
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the three main arguments adduced by Mr. Herbert Spencer
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bottle is damp the reaction is useless, as the resulting gas in
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the ancient-walled town. All water is taken from these and all filth goes-
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First Examination (Four Years' Comse).—A. G. Hays, P. B. Molony, B.
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tion of fluid in the gall bladder, the pain recurs as soon as the
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ing degeneration in the crossed pyramidal tract of the cervical re-
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frecjuently two or even three icebags were necessary.
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Hospital; W. A. Hubert, St. Georges Hospital; F. A. H. Mic.h6d,
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in submitting a claim for the fee prescribed for notifjing such a case
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prizes in Sanitary Science. He congratulated the students presented that
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week ending March 25Lh would be expected to show any ill-results in the