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fact that under unfavorable external conditions — e. g., outside of the

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at the seat of the invagination gives rise to a tumor appreciable by the

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tense, irregular in force, 90. Cardiac impulse heaving, extensive ; apex-

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voice. If great dyspnoea should occur while the larynx is paralysed,

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cases oi congenital z^nosmm, we have no standard of comparison which will enable

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The icterus, which may vary from very slight to most intense,

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Pursuant to instructions contained in letter from A. G. O.,

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duration of the systole shortened. These effects may be due

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314 pages. Published by Medical Society of the County of New-

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of. The following day another examination was made,

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sucheu (Ophtlialmogiapbie). Centralbl. f. Pbysiol., Leipz.

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son should avoid unreasonable dishes ; alcohol in all

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bichloride of mercury, etc., may prevent a serious acute nephritis.

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stroking with the hands and he discarded the magnets, but the term

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Harris, and an inoperable large tumor of the pancreas found,

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along the sesophagus, or tube leading from the throat to the

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position; nevertheless, it is one that can be practi-

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His warrant describes him as " of medium stature, brown

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only thing in her history, however, which might be of interest

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of whom one was constantly desirous of doing good and the other always

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habit of following up one ray at a time to its origin.

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llie flesh of animals (usually cattle) suffering- from a disease known

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taining largely, lending to and assisting persons who were in a

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ration of the lower ejiipliysis of the femur. lUust. Quart.

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From this it would appear that, contrary to our expec-

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blood, and of the secreted products. These are complications,

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proves anything in the premises, it is, that the capillarity of cotton