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of teaspoonsful of it being poured into a saucer, and its edge held to
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“I’ll be ready for your coming, and T’ll keep the fires
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The normal indol odor, as might be expected with a milk diet, diminished
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as well. Sweats were absent in 10 per cent, of Louis' cases and in 41
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not been alluded to as often during the past year as the year
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Diagnosis. — In this series the phthalein test showed a much more
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Transfer of the Tamor. — The malignant tumor was re-
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On histopathologic examination of the resected aneurysm
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tzed world united in accepting the invitation of the
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Daugherty, J. E., Brooklyn, N. Y., Barnes Med. Coll., 1910 1910 1920
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being about a half-inch thick. There were only two pul-
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and the crust as the handle. It is preferable, however, to remove the
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wines or spirits. Locally, alcohol is anti8ei>tic
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it. The two liquids thus remain separated, and at the point of contact
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operation, and the patient had severe symptoms ending in a pelvic abscess, but
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vent flooding in delivery ; and then broke up the brain and delivered a very
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cases in which the main symptoms were laryngeal. But I think that no one
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world, receiving accreditation by his contacts in Vienna and London, gave him
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the foramen ovale or left ramus of the pubes, then leverage on
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has arrived after considerable reflection. In a recent
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the lymph so that the beneficial results appeared subse-
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against 46*8 in 1854. The total number of dispensary cases
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2. Olive oil 4 oz., oil of turpentine 1 oz, water of ammonia
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small bunch in the left inguinal region, apparently about the size of an
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Dr. Habershon remarked that the family history and appearance of the patient
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ulnaris, and in this case the muscle fibres would represent either the second
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hospital diet and attention, as well as perhaps the want of proper
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in as an out-patient for a time, when she returned to her work as a dress-
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and the use of special clothing while at work. Care must be taken not
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In many infectious diseases nephritis develops insidiously, and the urine
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was severely affected. In using the sharp spoon the
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Hypodermic Injection of Quininic. — Dr. Jas. M'Craith,
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1851,] Burnett on the Microscope and Renal Jljfections. 393
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radiating adhesions towards the gland and skin. This had grown, with
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extensive the motor insufficiency. Sarcinae likewise are common.
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This is a simple, strong, and accurately working instrument.
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ACUTE inflammation, when it affects the peritoneum, usually