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Other effects considered related to therapy included
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toms of which would alone have suggested the import-
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applying the ear to a shell, and to which I have already
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expression if any \yhere, will vary much, not only as affected by the care and
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medicine has no facts — is a mass of baseless and contradictory theories.
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tives and are believed to be drug related: nausea and/or vomiting, usually the most com-
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solid ; but now a cheap tincture could be bought, it was
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This fact can be illustrated by a most significant event in
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no pain even caused by firm pressure with the hand ; opening has been
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hemifacial spasm and Bell’s palsy. Ann Otol Rhinol
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He had flying pains principally below the region of the heart, but these
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apparent termination of the canal. This canal, when laid open in its entire
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medical ofBcers of health have, we are glad to see,
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second is short and unaccompanied by any murmur; both sounds are heard be-