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suitable candidates for once daily dosing. These individuals will

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throat. The eruption appears on the first or second day and

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But the disease might involve the whole body of the uterus

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ure. For a definite cure at least two years should have elapsed.

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Hygienic measures are of the first importance. Alimentation as abun

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Clinical lecture on facts connected with the dui ation and

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cases on record in which spontaneous recovery has occurred after an accidental

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reflections in regard to cholera infantum. West. amp

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of nervous disease where the weakness and relaxation the

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charlatan to have the same privileges as the scientific

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conclude that the diagnosis endometritis must be based on clinical symp

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She sometimes passes three hours in the day without relieving the

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water. The decoction allowed to cool is little more than an

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of cicatrization depend upon the thickness of the cord the in

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the exercise of this profession there are no regulations and

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which it is developed. Thus as a general rule hissing and whistling


to whom nothing was known of the functions of the liver and

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motor weakness with or without spasmodic movements may exist. In

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either method to calculate its prospective results by the percentage of

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valley. During his tour he has from time to time been in the

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authors among whom none is higher authority than the celebrated Pott.

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Hand Atlas series. The work is by Bruhl of Berlin with the

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hiemorrhoidal flux is doubtful. This accident may happen to children

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instead the indications which are now unhesitatingly accepted as

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died and three recovered. His cases iucluded three under