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a conspicuous prominence ; the foot is everted, and the astragalus

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The first may be considered as that of the disease proper, and the last two

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forces are removed ; light, lateral splints, as a pre-

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over the bowel, below or over the sloughing hole left by separation

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It is said that in some cases the dropsy in the serous cavities may be

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cartilage and laminal layer of the bone, on extremity of humerus.

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Jacksonian Epilepsy. — Prichard, in 1822, was the

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pose. Two points require attention : 1, the piece used

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The treatment referred to above consisted principally in the adminis-

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The extent of infectiousness after this period I am not able to assign, since

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the responsibility of the management of asylums, and the

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Bottini (1872) exposed the temporo-maxillary joint by a linear

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life, but with asylum-life ; and this is what happens not unfrequently, and

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are generally free from malaria, although this is not always so, for in the

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search should be made. Wounded arteries must be secured

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ceeded when all other means had failed. Thus, not only

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not the money even for their railroad fare, much less

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object differs from most of its cotemporaries. There are two orders of

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nuclei seen in tubercle. Thrombosis has occurred in one or two vessels.

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whiskey ; and the list of diseases which have been attributed

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learned Italian physician of the fifteenth century, related

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omel, if discontinued when salivation commences, than in a treatment

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muslin bandages for beginners instead of gauze. The illustra-

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Upon Elementary Life. — Thus far the action of the total

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circumstances, which go to form essential parts of the history of indi-

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on the Necessity of Amending the S-Sth Section of the Sanitary Act,

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tightly upon the limb as the patient can conveniently bear, commenc-

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A capsule containing 1 gram of salol is given to the patient im-

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.John T. Metcalfe, M. D,, Professor of Clinical Medicine.

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The last book of which we have to treat is one which pro-

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ledge and scientific qualities. Even the pretty sig-

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matory changes, partly in the palmar aponeurosis, ;