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pizzanewslogoWelcome to the pizza news website. For several years we have been dedicated to bringing pizza lovers the latest news from around the pizza delivery industry in the UK. The pizza industry in the UK has been growing for years, with the largest segment being USA-style delivery pizza from high-profile companies such as Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns.

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Pizza News was launched as a way for these millions of pizza lovers to keep in touch with the latest developments in their favourite industry and we have covered some of the biggest developments in the industry during our existanence. Such as; Internet ordering and pizza progress tracking.

We have recently relaunched the website and community with an entirely new website design to give the site a fresh new appearance to appeal to new readers. So bare with us while we import some of our older posts from the archive. As ever your suggestions and leads are welcome by clicking here and filling out our online form.

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