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by which we mean a trial within reason; such a trial as would satisfy

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graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons,

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a portion of the l|()uid, if only a small' one, arrives

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tirely too little account is taken as a rule of accidents

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cellular tissue. The true pelvic abscess, or a purulent inflammation of

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the Exhibition would seem to set ordinary rules at defiance,

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Milk" ; and lastly. "The Etiology and Treatment of Per-


members of our profession. Sanitary reforms the world over, which

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three morbid states, viz. : paralytic dementia (or general paraly-

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sible that some of our deaths may have been due to an error in this

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quency, but gains in volume ; the tongue begins to clean and is moist ;

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as local irritants, the stimulant action on the heart being not

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piau, N. Y., 1884, i, 49-5.5'.— Hughes (C. II.) Cliuical

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general use is the disk of boxwood, or vulcanized India-rubber ; those made of

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remit or intermit ; the patient grows worse or better ; they reach a

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case in which vomiting and purging occurred early, and were prominent

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of Syria, some provinces of Asia Minor, Iberia, and Gaul, all places

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confounded. The importance of making the discrimination is obvious in

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is hoped that it will be possible to apply the test at rather frequent

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Kramer have show us the Laveran's plasmodie, we can affirm

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physician at frequent intervals, especially during the latter part of the

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symptoms should be removed for fear of symptoms or degenerations

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nated in the reports of the United States Bureau of Animal In-

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is very intense, a cloth wet continually with a solution of fifteen grains of

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and potency of Dr. Otis's teachings than is found in Bige-

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Asylum at Colney Hatch, for the Year 1859. By D. F.

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ject to it. It is distinguished according to its stages,