M&S under fire after cockroach is found in pizza

Marks and Spencer have come under fire this week after a customer who bought a frozen pizza from a store in Essex discovered a cockroach concealed amongst the cheese.

Friends Jemma Cohen and Christyanna Mendel met up for a bite to eat and shared the roasted vegetable and pesto pizza which they bought from a local branch of Marks and Spencer in Loughton.

Initially the pair mistook the cockroach for a burnt bit of cheese, discarding it on the side of the plate. It wasn’t until later when they were about to wash up the used plates, that they noticed that what they first took to be burnt cheese, was in fact a cockroach, and it was missing a leg.

After realising they’d eaten a pizza with a dead insect concealed on it, the two women were horrified and began to feel unwell, with Jemma describing how she was physically sick later that same night.

The next day, the women complained to the store where they’d bought the pizza and also to M&S head office. They were told to fill out a complaints form and to return the remains of the pizza along with the box it came in so that the company could launch a full investigation into how the cockroach came to be included in the pizza.

Marks and Spencer say they are treating the incident as a “very serious complaint”. An M&S spokesperson said that neither of the women had been in touch, and urged them to do so in order to allow the company to carry out their investigation.

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