School kids ordering Domino’s Pizza deliveries on lunch breaks

School children at St David’s RC High School in Dalkeith were found to be ordering Domino’s Pizza deliveries on their lunch breaks instead of opting for the healthy lunch options available at the school canteen.

Taking advantage of Domino’s popular “two-for-Tuesdays” pizza deal which offers customers the chance to get two pizzas for the price of one, school pupils have been ordering as many as 70 pizzas in a single lunch break.

Pizza delivery drivers were initially dropping the pizzas off at the school car park, but the school kids had to change their collection spot to another area off the school premises after teachers go wise to their lunchtime takeaways.

The Domino’s delivery drivers have been regularly dropping off takeaway orders of 35 – 40 pizzas on a Tuesday, but the largest order the teens ever made was for 70 pizzas on the “Two for Tuesdays” offer, which would have cost £500 had it not been for the special deal.

However parents have complained to the school about the pizza deliveries and have asked teachers to do more to stop this practice from happening.

In reaction to the incident, Domino’s Pizza has announced they will not be delivering any pizzas to school children during lunch breaks as the pizza home delivery experts say they take their “social responsibility” very seriously. Domino’s added that they have worked with schools in the past to encourage healthy eating amongst pupils.

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