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Thursday fast becoming most popular night for takeaway pizza

February 10, 2011 by Tony  
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According to a recent survey by skiddle.com, Thursdays are shaping up to become the new Saturdays as more of us are opting to go out to socialise, and order takeaway pizzas on this night.

The under 30’s are the group most likely to be found down the pub, or sat in front of the telly on a Thursday evening tucking into a takeaway pizza according to the research from the entertainment website.

The study found that the under 30’s agree that the weekends are definitely starting earlier with 72% of those polled admitting that their weekends start on a Thursday. A further 62% also revealed that they would be more likely to go out on a Thursday night as opposed to any other week day, while 65% said they’d ditch cooking and opt for a takeaway such as a pizza, chips, Indian or Chinese on a Thursday evening.

As well as heading down the pub and calling out for takeaways, the under 30’s are also more likely to do their grocery shopping on a Thursday in order to avoid the usual rush and queues at the supermarket tills on the weekends.

Not surprisingly, Thursday is also shaping up to be an expensive day, with young adults spending up to £158 on takeaways, drinking and groceries on a Thursday.

Are you planning to order a pizza tonight? Is Thursday really the new Saturday? Let us know your thoughts.

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