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Police ate the evidence – two Domino’s pizzas

December 2, 2010 by Michelle  
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Dopey police officers tucked into two Domino’s Pizzas without realising they were eating the evidence in a torture and kidnap case they had been called out to investigate.

Two deep pan Domino’s Pizzas were ordered by a gang who were allegedly holding a man and subjecting him to torture. The victim was believed to be a drug dealer, who the gang accused of muscling in on their patch.

The Hertfordshire officers arrived at the address where the man had been held captive after the victim managed to escape and raise the alarm.

By the time the pizzas arrived, the gang had fled. The Domino’s Pizza delivery man then sold the pizzas at a knock down price to the waiting police officers as he was unable to get an answer at the address they were ordered for.

After gobbling the pizzas, the police officers left the empty boxes in the boot of the squad car, without realising their significance in the case. Days later the boxes were uncovered from the car, and found to have an address for where the victim was being held, a time and mobile telephone number.

Three men were subsequently arrested and charged, two of which deny robbery, assault and false imprisonment, while one of the men has admitted false imprisonment and causing grievous bodily harm with intent. The trial continues at the Old Bailey.

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