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Pizza Hut blasted for serving meat pizza to a vegetarian

November 11, 2010 by Ian  
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A Pizza Hut restaurant in Havant, Hampshire, has been blasted by a vegetarian diner who was served up a pizza topped with ham, despite specifying her special requirements to staff.

Ros Penny, a vegetarian for 20 years, was dining at the Havant branch of Pizza Hut with a friend after a day out shopping. Upon making her order, Ms Penny specifically asked for her vegetarian pizza to be topped with a cheese that did not come from animal rennet.

The staff at the restaurant first checked with kitchen staff that this would be ok, before assuring the 50-year-old diner that her pizza would be 100% veggie.

However a few slices into what she believed was a vegetarian pizza, Ms Penny realised she was chewing on a piece of ham. Because of the thick layer of cheese covering the toppings on the pizza, Ms Penny had not realised straight away that her pizza contained meat.

Despite being very specific about her order, the staff at Pizza Hut admitted that they’d made a mistake and apologised for the gaff, and waived the bill for Ms Penny and her companion. The Pizza Hut restaurant says they’ve also retrained their staff to ensure a blunder like this does not happen again.

However Ms Penny says the incident caused her a great deal of distress, making her fell sick for the entire following day. The 50-year-old vegetarian has since made a formal complaint and contacted The Vegetarian Society with regard to the incident.


3 Responses to “Pizza Hut blasted for serving meat pizza to a vegetarian”
  1. Gareth says:

    It is always difficult to live in a society that is so broad in its mix of people of different moral standards. Those who eat animals will tend to regard the issues relating to a vegetarian or vegan eating meat as even being fussy, in a similar way that a cannibal from Borneo may laugh at an American eater of cows that had mistakenly been given human flesh instead of beef when dining with them. Many western eaters of pigs, cows and chickens would refuse to eat in a Korean restaurant where 90% of its dishes contained dog. Likewise it would make the best sense for all those who have the more evolved ethics of veganism or vegetarianism to only eat in restaurants that do not support any persecution of non human animals.

    Violence in humans has been linked to a low IQ just as compassion has been shown to be more prevalent in people with higher intelligence. In tests by the UK government, the average vegetarians at 42 years old is 10 IQ points higher then a non-vegetarian equivalent person. The worry from many vegans and vegetarians is that those meat eaters who work in restaurant kitchens do not respect the customer in the same way that a vegan would. This has been shown to be true in secret filming where purposeful adulteration of the food was found in meat restaurants and was completely absent in vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Logically, vegans and vegetarians should not any longer rely on meat eaters to provide them with the standards they demand. In the same way that meat eaters are often shown to only be able to write abusive comments on this type of forum, they’re lack of advanced empathy and intelligence can make them a liability in the service industry.

  2. Simon says:

    It’s a difficult one to deal with. It seems to have been handled sensitively by the staff, and mistakes do happen. Feel sorry for the customer though

  3. Uriah says:

    I’ve spent my entire career working in food service and I must say, the customer is blowingthis way out of proportion. Mistakes happen. I finesse anywhere in thisstory a statement saying the employees did this on purpose. It could likely have been that her pizza was delivered to the customer who ordered the ham pizza. And if you are that serious about what you eat, you should check your order BEFORE you eat it. I do, and I did before I started a career in food. It’s just common sense that in a business run by people mistakes might happen.

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