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Domino’s Pizza opening in Germany

November 5, 2010 by Ian  
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The world’s leading home pizza delivery company, Domino’s Pizza, will be opening the doors to its first German store this Saturday.

The first Domino’s Pizza outlet will be opened in Berlin, with other stores planned to open across the country as part of the company’s franchise system.

Domino’s Pizza currently boasts 9,000 franchises in more than 600 countries across the world. Germany was chosen by Domino’s as the next country to expand to as there is a growing market for pizza delivery services.

A Domino’s Pizza spokesperson said Germany was the ideal choice of location for the next stage of the company’s expansion plans because it has a “large customer base that values convenience and quality.” Germany also boasts the largest food market in Europe, making it a very attractive option for companies such as Domino’s.

Domino’s Pizza is continuing to expand across the UK with plans to open more outlets here before the end of the year. This month the pizza giant also celebrated its 25th anniversary in Japan. Domino’s offered a part-time job with a rate of pay of $30,000 for an hour’s work as part of the anniversary celebrations in Japan.

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