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Pizza Express offers pizza for a £1

September 28, 2010 by huw  
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Pizza Express has launched a limited edition offer whereby customers can receive a pizza for £1 by downloading a special discount code.

Pizza Express launches pizza for £1 offer

As well as the low cost deal on pizzas, the pizza restaurant chain has also added a selection of brand new dishes to its main menu. Now customers can choose from a range of tasty bruschetta starters as an appetizer before their main meal. There’s a vegetarian option of a bruschetta topped with goats cheese and red peppers, plus meat options of the new starters topped with mozzarella and cured meats.

Pizza Express decided to roll back their prices to 1978 back when an American Hot pizza would have set you back £1. Now you too can enjoy the pizza of your choice for just £1 at Pizza Express for a limited time only. The offer is valid from September 27th – October 10th Monday – Thursday.

Pizza Express recently announced the launch of their new Richmond Restaurant which will act as a base to experiment with new recipes and services. One of the first new services the Richmond restaurant will trial is a breakfast menu and early morning opening hours. As well as this, a new monthly special pizza will be available each month to offer diners something different.

To make the most of the £1 pizza on offer at Pizza Express, download your printable voucher at the restaurant’s main website. See terms and conditions for any exclusions.

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