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Pizza Hut unveils its biggest ever pizza

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Pizza Hut’s biggest ever pizza has just gone on sale in the US and is proving a big hit with pizza fans. The Big Italy, as it’s known, certainly lives up to its name offering a mighty feast of a pizza to satisfy the hungriest of diners.

The Big Italy measures 2 feet and length and 14 inches in width. Prior to the launch of the Big Italy, the largest pizza offered by the global chain as the Big Foot from 1993.

The colossal pizza is cut into 18 square pieces and comes with the choice of three toppings, plus the Big Italy costs just $12 so it’s certainly great value for money.

For the bad news, those of you watching your weight may want to look away now as just two slices of the Big Italy is worth 480 calories. However with 18 slices to go round, the Big Italy is the perfect pizza for sharing with friends or family.

To celebrate the launch of the new Big Italy pizza, Pizza Hut decided to giveaway 1,000 $15 gift cards to Facebook fans so they could be the first to try the new addition to the Pizza Hut menu.

Have you tried the new Big Italy? Does it live up to the hype, or leave you wondering what all the fuss was about? Let us know your thoughts.

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