Pizza Ordering

In the UK we are spoiled for choice for pizza delivery. Most areas have several different companies, small or large, to choose from. However for those of us too lazy to pick up our phones online ordering is an absolute god send. Below is a quick run down of the best online ordering websites for Pizza ordering.

Domino’s Pizzadominos

Recognised as the worlds largest pizza delivery franchise, Domino’s reach over the UK market is strong and growing. Launched in the UK in the mid 1980s, recent trends in consumer behaviour have resulted in far more Dominos branches being launched with over 570 now based in the UK.

Domino’s Pizza have been a trendsetter in the on-line ordering. The American company were one of the first to introduce on-line and have recently introduced a revolutionary “pizza tracker” which allows a customer to track the progress of their pizza from order to delivery.

Famous for its quick delivery times and hot fresh pizza delivery, Domino’s are currently going from strength to strength in its effort to provide pizza delivery to the majority of the UK population. Their company motto is simply “Sell more pizza, Have more fun!”

If you are interested in ordering Domino’s Pizza then either call your local store or order directly through their website.

Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut have been operating for over 40 years and have become a popular destination for families looking for a cheap restaurant-lite experience.

If you are interested in ordering a Pizza Hut Pizza then in many cases you will need to order online and collect from their stores, although in some cases delivery is available.

papajohns-logoPapa John’s

Papa John’s is the smallest of the major pizza brands in the UK. The youngest of the major pizza brands, Papa Johns was launched in the mid 1980s. Only recently launched in the UK, Papa John’s has just over 100 stores.

If you are covered by one of their stores you can order their pizza over the phone or over the Internet