Writing Team Profiles

Here at Pizza News, our writing team are dedicated pizza fans who have contacts throughout the pizza industry. Each individual brings something different to the team and on this page we aim to tell you a little more about ourselves:

Michelle Burke – Editor

Surrounded by male pizza lovers on all sides, it is important to remember that our hallowed editor is indeed not a male pizza lover. She is in fact a female pizza lover! In her mid-thir(/edit) late-twenties, Michelle has been enjoying pizza for decades. She has worked in a management role for several of the major pizza brands and currently works in a consultancy role when required. Michelle is the least work-shy of the Pizza News team and will often berate her writers for lack of material. Away from work Michelle is an avid football fan and regularly watches Leyton Orient FC.

Tony Baker – Writer

Tony was one of the first writers to join the Pizza News team a long while back. A personal friend of Michelle’s, his expertise comes from his experience of the American pizza delivery market, which is far larger and more mature than its equivalent in the UK. His articles concentrate on the latest developments in the industry. Away from the site Tony is an avid PC gamer and is married with two pizza-loving children.

Ian Patrick – Writer

Ian is the latest addition to our writing team and is by far the youngest. Previously a long-term reader, his contributions were eventually rewarded with a promotion to full writer on the team. Ian is in his early twenties and brings his experience of university life (and the copious amount of pizza that goes with that!) to the team. Ian’s favourite pizza place is an independent pizzeria based near his university in Warwick called ‘Romeo’s’.

Mark Pritchard – Writer

Mark is the latest recruit at Pizza News and is a great asset to the team as he is a trained chef. With Mark’s expert culinary skills and experience if working in pizzerias in the UK, both chain pizza restaurants and independent eateries, he is able to offer great insight into the pizza making industry. Having tucked into thousands of pizzas over the years, we thought it would be a good idea to make him eat some more, so Mark is also our resident food critic and will be providing in depth reviews on pizzerias all over the UK. If you’d like Mark to visit your restaurant to sample your menu, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Stacey Hill – Writer

Stacey is an occasional contributor to Pizza News as she runs her own Pizza restaurant in Manchester. As a busy businesswoman working on the frontline of the pizza catering industry, Stacey is well positioned to give us her take on the latest developments within the business. With her ear close to the ground, Stacey is always the first to hear about new trends in the pizza industry, promotions, expansion plans and changes within the business so for up to the minute news on everything pizza related, Stacey is your girl. If you work in the Pizza industry and think you have a story we’ve not yet covered, be sure to get in touch to let us know.

Want to join the Pizza News team? Get in touch with us on editor@pizzanews.co.uk