Dominos reimagine the pizza box

Dominos reimagine the pizza box


Nowadays image plays a huge role in our food cravings, with the food purchases we make being very much dictated by our eyes. This is why presentation of food as well as branding is so important, something that the big pizza brands have recognised.

Brands including Coca Cola, PG Tips and now Dominions have all recently launched minimal redesigns, reimagining their visuals to transfer simple messages. Dominos are the latest to seek additional branding work.

The new pizza boxes are still blue and red, with each design making up one half of the famous logo. The idea was allegedly inspired by the fact that 96% of Domino’s pizzas are sold in pairs, showing that the chain uses data to inform business growth.

Clarity has certainly been achieved here, with the global brand not needing lots of messages relayed on packaging. Being he recognised company that is it the logo is iconic enough to keep customers engaged.

Lee Rolston, global strategy director at JKR, the firm in charge of the redesign, says the aim was to remove unnecessary clutter and “generic messaging”. Placing emphasis back on the brand’s famous mark it appears JKR have done a pretty fantastic job.

“Domino’s is the biggest pizza chain in the world, but after decades of local market interpretations of the pack design, its boxes had become cluttered with generic messaging and the brand mark had a small presence on its boxes,” he says. “To allow Domino’s to be noticed, chosen and remembered, we needed to amplify and celebrate what made it different.”

Below you will find more example of food and drink corporations going back to basics. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments with us.

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