Pizza Hut Unveil New Food-Inspired Clothing Line

Pizza Hut Unveil New Food-Inspired Clothing Line

Just like us at the Pizza News newsroom there are many people that take their love for pizza to the next level, wanting to adorn themselves in clothing that illustrates their pizza passions to the world.

With the youth generation becoming more and more obsessed with statement clothing and quote t-shirts it is understandable why the world of food and fashion would unite, with Pizza Hut wanting to dominate this incredibly niche market.

Unveiling a new line of tops, sweatshirts, scarves, hats and even bed sheets, arguably wanting to brand the world with the Pizza Hut way of thinking and eating.

Here are just a few of the new ‘Hut Sway’ products; let us know what you think!

pizza 3

pizza 2
pizza 4





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