The Pepperoni Pizza Onesie is a Hit With Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne

The Pepperoni Pizza Onesie is a Hit With Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne

Fashion is all about highlighting your inspirations, expressing your loves and passions through your attire.

Two of the biggest fasionistas of our time are American pop sensation Katy Perry and blonde runway extraordinaire Cara Delevingne, starting trends on a daily basis.

Where Perry is renowned for her eccentric wardrobe collection, incorporating many cultures from around the world Cara is best known for high fashion, strutting her stuff for brands such as Chanel and Tom Ford.

It seems the two beauties have continued to surprise their fans, both stepping out in pizza onesies!

Yes, you heard it right, pizza onesies!

Cara wore the onesie when returning to her home from her lavish birthday celebrations, no doubt with a bit of a hangover and in need of comfortable clothes.

Her Ibiza bash filled the news, with stories of the model turning 22 hitting every news site online as a result of the glamorous antics that occurred.

The pepperoni onesie was just another quirky statement from the famous face, accompanied by the equally as quirky Jamie Winstone, a friend and actress, wearing an oversized leopard print shirt.

Zipping the pepperoni one piece over her face Cara hid her famous features!

Katie Perry on the other hand gave us a slice of her beauty, fully made up underneath the pepperoni jumpsuit.

Following a fashion-filled concert in Philadelphia Perry wound down in this pizza piece. Being known for her love of pretty food like cup cakes and fruit the pizza clothing was a little unexpected.

Take a look at the two stars in their onesies and let us know who wore it best!

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