Ex Domino’s Pizza franchisee Tej Randeva appears on Dragons’ Den with new franchise concept Spice 2 Go

Ex Domino’s Pizza franchisee Tej Randeva appears on Dragons’ Den with new franchise concept Spice 2 Go

Domino’s Pizza Franchisee Tej Randeva shocked us all last night, entering the BBC’s fire pit that is the Dragons’ Den.  Stepping in front of the Dragons he pitched his business idea to the successful investment tycoons, offering 10% equity of his business in exchange for a £75,000 investment.

Having spent many years as a Welsh Domino’s Pizza partner the Indian-born businessman claimed to have identified a gap in the market, suggesting that his curry concept, Spice 2 Go, was the modern food idea to fill it.

With vibrant dancers and samples of the brand’s products Mr Randeva delivered a pitch that was although unsuccessful in securing a deal with the Dragons, still full of interesting ideas.

The Spice 2 Go CEO honed in on the fact that there is a lack of consistency with Indian food, proposing that there were things to be learnt from the pizza industry when trying to modernise Indian cuisine.

‘You can go to one curry house one week, go back the next and have a completely different experience’ said the Spice 2 Go entrepreneur.

Commending Domino’s Pizza on their approach to operations Mr Randeva explained that what he had learnt in Dominos could be transferable to he Indian food market.

Specifically focusing on the chain’s uniformed products, brand identity and the system to franchise the Welsh businessman asked:

‘Why is there not an Indian food franchise?’

With Indian food being one of the UK’s favoured delicacies it does make one think why an Indian food chain has yet to be rolled out across the country.

Being congratulated on his branding Tej took some comments on board yet showed no sign of giving up on Spice 2 Go.

‘This is not the end’ he said when exiting the den.

What do you think, could Spice 2 Go follow in the same successful footsteps as Domino’s?

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