Domino’s to offer online movie streaming with pizza orders

Pizza giant Domino’s is poised to unveil a brand new service for its customers that will be a first for UK pizza consumers. Domino’s, in partnership with Lionsgate UK, will soon launch a movie streaming service to its customers when they place their pizza order.

The UK’s first pizza and movie meal deal will be known as the Domino’s Pizza Box Office service and will allow customers to compliment their pizza delivery with a range of new Hollywood blockbusters like The Hunger Games and What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Once customers confirm their order, Domino’s will send through a code to download the film of their choice which will then be available for streaming on a variety of operating systems and devices like PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. The film will be available for a total of 48 hours so customers can choose to view it according to a time of their liking.

Domino’s claims that under the Lionsgate UK partnership, films will be available for streaming as soon as they are released on DVD which means that titles will be up for grabs on the Domino’s Pizza Box Office sooner than they reach other film subscription services.

Sales and marketing director for Domino’s, Simon Wallis, said: “Everyone knows that pizza and film are a match made in heaven and with our new Domino’s Pizza Box Office, there are even more good reasons to stay in and watch a great movie while you enjoy a piping hot pizza.

“We pride ourselves on offering a vast choice when it comes to pizza and the same is true of Domino’s Pizza Box Office – whether you’re into action, horror or rom coms, there’s something for every pizza-eating occasion.”

Now that’s a perfect night in sorted with Domino’s home delivery pizza and a movie to hand!

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