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Push fridge magnet for pizza delivery in Dubai

April 11, 2012 by Michelle  
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Pizza delivery is just a tap away thanks to a brand new invention from an Italian pizza takeaway in Dubai. Red Tomato Pizza restaurant and takeaway have been handing out VIP fridge magnets to their loyal customers so they can have their favourite pizzas delivered by simply hitting the magnet.

The new fridge magnet pizza gadget has proved so popular with Red Tomato customers in the UAE that the pizza takeaway has run out of magnets, although they are planning to have a new batch ready to give away within the coming weeks.

The pizza box shaped fridge magnet will be pre-set with each particular customer’s favoured pizza order. The magnet gadget connects to the internet via a Bluetooth connection from the customer’s smartphone, allowing the customer’s pre-set order to be sent online to the takeaway. The pizza takeaway then sends a confirmation text to the customer, with the pizza being delivered shortly afterwards. The Red Tomato pizza takeaway aims to deliver all orders within an hour.

Those in possession of a VIP fridge magnet can update their pizza preferences at any time. A special YouTube promotional video has been launched to celebrate the introduction of the new push button pizza magnet showing just how easy it is to order a takeaway pizza for VIP customers.

If you live in Dubai, or perhaps you’re planning a visit there soon, be sure to try out the new pizza takeaway fridge magnet and let us know how you get on.

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