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New image for Pizza Express

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Pizza Express is undergoing its biggest image overhaul in its history with a brand new logo, restaurant redesigns, menu ideas and staff strategies.

The first change customers are likely to notice is that Pizza Express logo which has switched from its cheerful blue and white colour, to a striking monochrome design. In keeping with the logo overhaul, the Pizza Express restaurants will start rolling out a new look throughout, with monochrome chairs, murals and striped plates, cups and other tableware. The new logo designed was unveiled for the first time on the pizza restaurant chain’s official Facebook page.

The black and white theme was inspired by Pizza Express founder, Peter Boizot, following a trip to Italy where the pizzaiolos performed pizza dough tossing shows wearing their striking black and white striped shirts.

The pizza chef shows is another aspect the pizza restaurant chain is hoping to adopt in their restaurants and have even kitted out their eateries with stage lights to encourage these types of traditional pizza dough throwing displays in their restaurants.

There are a number of new additions to the Pizza Express menu, including a range of delicious sharing plates designed to be shared by anything from couples to large groups of people.

While the look of the brand has received a complete makeover, the pizza giant hasn’t forgotten about their all-important staff with 10,000 of their workforce being retrained ahead of their new image launch.

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