Saturday, June 4, 2011

Domino’s Pizza plans to launch in Llandudno

Leading home pizza delivery expert, Domino’s Pizza, have revealed their next area for expansion will be the North Wales town of Llandudno.

The pizza takeaway giant plans to open a new outlet in Llandudno within the coming months. The takeaway branch will be run as a local business and will bring between 25 – 35 jobs to local people in Llandudno.

A site for the new pizza takeaway has not yet been found, however Domino’s is currently exploring a range of different sites across the town before making a decision of where to open the new store.

The mayor of Llandudno has welcomed the news that the global brand will be opening its latest branch in the town, and also the new jobs the store opening will bring to the area. Although the town’s mayor added that he believed the site for the new store should be carefully considered so as to not have a negative impact on similar business in the area.

Domino’s Pizza recently opened another outlet in the nearby town of Bangor in North Wales. The store went down well with locals, and so Domino’s have made the decision to open an outlet in the area, just over 20 miles away in Llandudno.

No opening date for Domino’s Pizza in Llandudno has been revealed as yet. Stay in touch for the latest recruitment news for the new pizza branch in North Wales.

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