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70-year-old woman arrested after crashing car into pizza restaurant

May 16, 2011 by Tony  
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A woman from California was arrested on Sunday after she crashed her car into a pizza restaurant in the Clovis area of California.

The 70-year-old woman had been attempting to park her car outside of the pizza shop when she’s believed to have hit the accelerator instead of the brake, and ended up ploughing the car through the middle of the pizza restaurant, narrowly avoiding several members of staff and customers.

Approximately 6 diners had to leap out of the way as the car careered through the pizza restaurant window and into the establishment. Luckily all of the customers and staff members inside the restaurant and also the female driver escaped the incident uninjured.

The police were called after the accident and the 70-year-old driver of the car was arrested after the authorities discovered the woman was wanted on two separate warrants dating back to the mid 1990’s.

The woman was taken to the local police station and arrested on the outstanding warrants, one of which was for grand theft, and the other for embezzlement.

The Me-N-Ed’s Pizza restaurant in Clovis has been closed following the accident and no reopening date for the pizza outlet has been announced as yet.

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