Dominos reimagine the pizza box

  Nowadays image plays a huge role in our food cravings, with the food purchases we make being very much dictated by our eyes. This is why presentation of food as well as branding is so important, something that the big pizza brands have recognised. Brands... read more

The 5 minute pizza in a mug

With so many people getting creative when it comes to cooking, with more and more appliances, ingredients and recipes coming to the UK we thought we would take a deeper look into DIY pizzas, finding some pretty unique recipes along the way. From gluten-free and... read more

The world goes crazy for pizza bombs

Although we at the Pizza News newsroom are yet to get involved in this craze storming South Korea we are certainly intrigued, with Pizza bombs joining flatbread pizzas and calzones to make a menu of pizza alternatives. In essence a pizza bomb is a way of cooking a... read more

What is Dominos AnyWare?

Dominos have long reigned supreme in the world of pizza, regarded as the first choice for a weekend takeaway. This long spout of success is arguably down to their forever-in-development style, always growing the business to speak to the modern consumer. Displaying a... read more


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